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The Netherlands has a long and treasured history of Catholicism even after surviving the Protestant Reformation and now the rising tide of secularism. In Amsterdam, tourists can encounter Jesus in a most unique way by visiting Hidden Churches disguised as regular apartments. But first, Fr. Elias Leyds’ points out that a visit to Amsterdam must begin at an obscure monument in the heart of the city once the site of a Eucharistic miracle.

Hidden Churches Guide

The “Our Lord in the Attic” Museum was at first a canal house that was turned into a clandestine Catholic church in the 17th Century. During the Protestant Reformation, many Catholic Churches in the Netherlands were confiscated or had their facades altered to look like normal houses. The Catholic community was tolerated and allowed to practice their faith as long as they did not do so publicly. This led to a phenomenon of hidden churches around the city, two of which are very well preserved to this day: Our Lord in the Attic and the Begijnhof.

Find a Sunday Mass

In a city where a church steeple could signify anything from a simple bell tower, a calvinist church, or a cultural museum, identifying Catholic Churches in Amsterdam and their hours/mass times can be difficult. Watch the videos to see the beautiful ambiance inside the church or take a look at our Google Map (Embedded Above) to find a Mass in your language and at the right hour.

Documentary Guides

The Netherlands has an incredible history of Catholic saints and Eucharistic miracles. Pope Francis in May 2022 canonized St. Titus Brandsma from the region of Friesland, an hour and half’s drive northeast of Amsterdam. This region is also home to the town of Dokkum where St. Boniface, the Patron Saint of Germany, was martyred. In cities and towns across the Netherlands, tourists can engage with the memory and legacy of these and many other Dutch saints.

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